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Handyman Repair Services


Handyman Repair Services

Cleaning from the Property Manager’s View

We do more than clean. Sometimes keeping a property at peak value requires just a bit more than a thorough cleaning. It needs minor repairs—the kinds of repairs cleaning staff are the first to notice.

STAR Building Services was built on the recognition that cleaning is an important part of property maintenance. But it isn’t everything.

We keep an eye out for common signs of deterioration—mildew in windows, seepage around toilets, drips at faucets and under sinks. If the repair is outside of our team’s scope, we make sure you know about the problem so you can stay on top of things.

So stop worrying about loose tiles and dripping faucets. We’ll deal with those doors that just don’t want to close anymore. We can swap out those window shades for you.

And if you find that your office would run at peak efficiency if things were moved around, we’ll help you with that new office layout.

Keeping your property and business maintained will allow you to keep the highest market value on your property and enjoy your improvements for many years to come. STAR Building Services will provide free Handyman Repair estimates and consultations to ensure you receive the best possible handyman services for the project, repair or maintenance that you have on your list.

Find out what other businesses in New Jersey have already discovered. Working with STAR Building Services will strengthen your business and improve the value of your assets.

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