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HOA Residential Cleaning


HOA Residential Cleaning

Cleaning from an HOA View

You want a healthy spotless environment for your homeowners. We support that goal by making sure the brass shines, the marble glows and those corners aren’t dust traps. From inside to out, your common areas and clubhouse facilities will sparkle with pride.

Our cleaning custodians are courteous, wear attractive uniforms, speak English and most importantly, take pride in their work. You will notice the difference. We guarantee it.

We’ll make sure all your spaces are both aesthetic and safe. And we’ll help maintain your property’s value by taking care of small repairs. Your facilities will impress homeowners and prospective buyers alike.

STAR Building Services is a name many condominium associations and residential building managers have come to trust. They like the fact we use state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We are available for regular cleaning contracts, special events and for emergency service. We’ll work within your schedule and parameters to make sure we are as unobtrusive as possible and to minimize disruptions to your residents.

We operate 365 days a year.

Talk to us about daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly HOA cleaning services. We’ll design a cleaning service program that works best for you.

Make the call today, and say goodbye to frustration.

STAR Building Services
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