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Comsumables Management

Let us take some of your burden by overseeing your supply of paper towels, bathroom tissue, hand soap and trash liners.

If you have been the person in charge or ordering supplies chances are that you have experienced shortages or even outages of building supplies. With that experience it is likely you have witnessed the inconvenience verbalized by others in your office-even those you have never spoken with! Let us handle all that so you can focus on your real job.

The supply and replenishment of consumables is often a headache for building and office managers. Our Consumables Management program is designed to take that pain away. Consistent monitoring combined with timely replenishment allows our customers to eliminate the need to stock consumables and track inventory.

Regular service visits are carried out, where we examine every consumable item throughout the property and replace or refill those that are low or depleted. This removes the need for employees to spend valuable time replenishing stock and replacing items, letting them get on with more important work.

We find that the most popular products managed for a commercial property are air fresheners, paper towels, toilet tissue, trash can liners, feminine hygiene products, toilet seat covers, hand soap, urinal blocks, although our range of consumables includes many other items.

STAR Building Services will be more than happy to monitor your stock and reorder as needed. As an added benefit you will receive combined billing. One monthly invoice means even less ‘paperwork’ for you.

Consumables Management allows you to proactively take control of the supply and replenishment of products, without additional overheads or employees. A recent survey showed that the average website visit to order consumable supplies takes about 20 minutes. Add to that the time it takes to receive delivery, store the stock received, refill and replenish supplies all over the premises, and you begin to see why STAR Building Service Consumables Management service is so attractive.

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