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After Halloween Cleaning Tips by Residential Cleaning Company in NJ

Hosting the Halloween party? You must already be scared about the after-party mess. Follow these cleaning tips by the professionals of our leading residential cleaning company in NJ and regain the shine of your apartments…!!

Halloween is all about fun and excitement. Decorations, glitters, candies, costumes, candles, and parties, what’s not to love about Halloween? But those skeleton ornaments aren’t the only thing that makes Halloween scary. After-party mess is something that scares all, especially if your residents are hosting Halloween events in the residential complex and apartments.

When it’s time to finally unleash the Halloween fun, be ready to put in a little extra work after the glitter or fake blood has settled. Here at STAR Building Services, we want to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to achieve a complete recovery. So, here’s a guide prepared by the professionals of our residential cleaning company in NJ that will help you get rid of the after-party mess.

Cleaning Melted Chocolates and Candies

When trick-or-treating and choosing candy from the Halloween party bowl, practically everyone prefers the large chocolate candy bars and the small fun-size chocolates. Not just a tasty treat, either! Sweets also become an unattractive piece of the sticky mess once the party is over.

When you find candy or chocolate stains on the floor, rugs, or walls, you must act quickly to avoid the stains. The combination of warm water and dish soap works to remove candy or chocolate particles from the surfaces. Next, utilize a fresh microfiber cloth to blot the stain.

If it doesn’t work, try a solution made of one-third warm water and two-thirds vinegar. Blot once more, and then scrape out any leftovers. Another option is to get help from a reputable residential cleaning company in NJ that comes with adequate cleaning tools to leave your surfaces spotless.

Here is the process of cleaning melted chocolate from the carpets- Allow the chocolate on the carpet to set. After that, scrape away as many shattered fragments as you can. To prevent remelting at your touch, use a plastic tool to collect the fragments. Finally, dab the remaining material with dish soap and water solution and rub the area gently.

The Best Method for Removing Pumpkin Guts

Do you think you overstayed your welcome with your pumpkin sitting outside or in the window? If your pumpkins have been sitting on your doorstep for a few weeks, they probably smell quite bad. Put the pumpkins in your composter or the trash, as appropriate. Gather as much as you can with a spoon.

Bring out your go-to dish soap and water combo once more, and scrub the rest thoroughly. You can pour toothpaste onto a moist handkerchief to remove any moldy residue the pumpkins left on your wooden porch or stool. After applying toothpaste, rinse the area with soap and warm water. Once the cleaning is done, wipe the surface with a dry cloth and enjoy a spotless place. If you still feel there’s something left, you can seek the help of cleaning professionals.

Removing the Wax Drips

Many families, parties, and social groups enjoy using Halloween candles every year. Huge dripping candles can give a creepy element to your atmosphere, but they’re not so pleasant to clean up after the party gets over. But don’t worry- here is the best technique suggested by the professionals of our residential cleaning company in NJ. You can remove wax drips from wood, countertops, and hard floors with the help of an air dryer, scraper, and a microfiber cloth.

Warm the wood with a hairdryer if wax has fallen on it, then wipe it away with a cloth. You can also use one part vinegar and one part water to remove any leftover residue. If the rugs or carpets have some wax on them, use a butter knife to scrape most of the wax away. Afterward, iron over the stain with low heat and a clean paper towel; the cloth should absorb whatever is left.

Hard surfaces, such as walls, floors, or worktops, often respond well to solutions like soft scrub bleach. However, removing wax from your carpet may require a specialist.

Winning the Battle Against Glitter

One of the hardest things to clean after a Halloween party is glitter. There’s a proverb saying death and taxes are two things that are guaranteed in life. But after-party glitter is also something that certainly doesn’t leave your side easily. You sweep and vacuum, but it never really appears to disappear. So, when putting up your Christmas decorations, you might discover leftover Halloween glitter.

But here’s how you can get rid of it- Use a vacuum to remove as much of it as you can. Wiping cloths for dusting might be useful for hard surfaces. Try silly putty or tape if you still have glitter. Start by vacuuming if the glitter is on your carpet or furnishings. If the glitter still appears, use a carpet broom or lint roller before vacuuming.

Get help from a Reliable Residential Cleaning Company in NJ

Last but not least, you must consider having a reliable residential cleaning service on your side to provide you with a spotless apartment, no matter how much mess the party has created.

A professional residential cleaning company in NJ can restore your apartment complex to its lovely state. It’s especially when you don’t have the time to clean up the mess left over from your Halloween party or if there is a stain that won’t go away.

At STAR Building Services, we are aware that now is a popular time for Halloween parties and cleaning up after parties. You can rely on our team to clean up the scary and spooky messes left behind after you enjoy the party to its fullest.

To schedule your Halloween cleaning, contact us right away. Send us a post-party emergency call about a particularly horrifying carpet stain. Make a reservation in advance and be assured that the cleaners will be there to get your apartment back to its perfect state.