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Attributes to Look For When Hiring a Concierge Service in New Jersey

Front office concierge isn’t just limited to hotels… Every office building intends to deliver a white glove level of treatment for customer devotion…!!

Concierge service in New Jerseywhich was previously reserved for five-star hotels and high-end merchants, has now become the requirement of today’s mainstream businesses. 

Let’s know more about hiring Concierge Services for Office Buildings

The phrase “first impression is the last impression” is the goal of any concierge service. Like the front desk employees, the concierge represents your business and makes sure it delivers a pleasant impression. 

A concierge’s duties include giving visitors information about the area and assisting them in planning any activities they choose to participate in while visiting. Sometimes the concierge creates a thorough itinerary for a visitor; other times, they merely provide information or direct visitors.

Since they will manage the specifics of a visitor’s itinerary, a concierge needs to communicate effectively and pay attention to detail. A concierge’s success may be aided by their proficiency in a foreign language if the business hosts many foreign visitors. 

Businesses that want to maintain goodwill among their visitors, clients, and customers would want to get the best out of concierge services for office buildings. So, this guide will help you determine what makes a good concierge. 

Always polite

A concierge isn’t only limited to delivering a great impression; it also consists of handling every situation without making it awful. Above and beyond all else, courtesy, respect, and politeness are what you need to look for. You’ll want your guests to be treated with the utmost respect. Even if the visitor’s request is absurd, it should not be disclosed to the person making the request. 

A good concierge assures the visitor that they have options, then takes action to make it happen, but a smart concierge never says “no.” Naturally, if the appeal is illegal, publicly offensive, or could hurt others, greater control is required. But it doesn’t mean the staff member panics and takes appropriate action. Politeness is the utmost requirement of a front office concierge.

Good Connections

Having a good connection around with different industries, individuals, and authorities, a superb concierge. Even though it takes time, it is crucial. It’s a win to get someone else’s list, but maintaining those contacts requires patience and the appropriate approach. Any reputable business must be a member of society’s golden keys. 

Since good contacts are a give-and-take arrangement, the network functions best when favors are exchanged. It’s more important who you know in this industry than what you know, as it is in any successful venture. So, you’ll want to hire a concierge service provider with a long list of positive connections to make your office seem professional and reputable. 

Tech Savvy- A Plus Point 

Knowing how to make things happen swiftly follows who you know in close succession. Utilizing the internet to get information that aids in task completion expedites the process and directs the seeker in the appropriate direction. The knowledgeable concierge will locate the desired item and deliver it without issue to the requesting guest, even if it is not something that is readily available locally but can be acquired online.

Technology plays a huge role everywhere, including delivering a swift and smooth first impression. Ensure that your concierge is relaxed in terms of technology use. A tech-savvy professional will offer extraordinary service making your visitors more than happier. 

The Virtue of Patience

This entails listening intently, never voicing an opinion, displaying perseverance, and managing disappointment. Sometimes visitors need clarification about their true desires. It could be caused by stress or jet lag. Therefore, having patience and resourcefulness is frequently useful. Even the finest intentions can occasionally be overruled by a client’s whim or change of heart. Being adaptable, well-rounded, and balanced will highlight any concierge’s best qualities.

How would you make your guests feel valued if the individual representing your business can’t have the patience to wait, listen and understand? So, the concierge service in New Jersey you choose offers professionals with patience in their nature. 

Creative and Original

Each day is a brand-new day. Finding innovative and improved methods of operation makes the task interesting. Being proactive and inventive results in superior customer service and lasting impressions. A pleasant experience all-around is made possible by staying flexible and in front of the trends in food, transportation, the marketplace, entertainment, and technology, which results in satisfied and returning customers.

You’ll want your visitors to be impressed by how you and your office work. The same goes for the concierge of your building. So, ensure the staff you select is creative and has originality in their working style. This makes your business stand out. 


The list of qualities and attributes that make a great concierge is nearly endless. But these were the five most important things you’ll want to take advantage of. Rather than hiring a novice, appointing a concierge from a professional company is always recommended. STAR Building Services also offer professional concierge services in New Jersey. Visit our website to book an appointment with us now. Quality, dedication, integrity, and professionalism are some of all that we have to offer.