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Commercial Cleaning Services in NJ: Getting Your Office Festive Season Ready

The holiday season has arrived, and everyone can be seen preparing for it. Some of us can already observe the tinsel and fairy lights being strung up around but there are a few more things we need to arrange. For example, if your business closes during the festive season, now is the right time to hire our commercial cleaning company in NJ and get your place cleaned.

Make sure your commercial facility is tidy before you and your employees leave on vacation. Knowing that everything is in working order brings peace of mind. After a wonderful festive time, the last thing you will want is to come to a filthy office.

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Many individuals still wonder why they need to clean the office when all they have to do is leave for vacation.

But do you want to see the same stack of documents when you enter those office doors again?

Do you want to see clutter when you come with a fresh mind? No, right!

So, if you still need to plan your cleaning operations, you don’t have to delay more. All you have to do is follow this guide rom the leading commercial cleaning company in New Jersey and get your office ready for festive.

Plan Ahead (Start Right Away!)

The forthcoming holiday season will see staff return to work in addition to the resumption of in-person events, which means you need to schedule more hours before, after, and possibly during the event. The return of personnel, visitors, and even studentsat office and institutional buildings will need deep cleaning services over the holiday break.

So, these are the considerations you need to inform your cleaning building cleaning company in New Jersey.

  • Additional cleaning requirements such as areas that need extra attention, changes, and alternatives. 
  • Cleaning requirements for a particular space, such as carpets, grout in bathrooms, ceilings and ceiling fans, air vents, etc.
  • Additional end-of-season deep cleaning and disinfection tasks may need to be completed during holiday closures to prepare for the new year.
  • Whether you need to schedule cleaning during a holiday gathering so that surfaces are maintained spotless.

Check COVID-19, Cold, and Flu Preventative Practices

Facility managers and their tenants, clients, staff, and guests are more aware than ever of the COVID virus as well as the bacteria that cause the flu and colds. In addition, the holiday season may increase foot traffic to retail, hospitality, and healthcare establishments, which affects the cleanliness of your interior facility, restroom supplies, and waste management system.

Here’s what you need to consider for preventing diseases 

  • Ask for additional cleaning of the restrooms, reception area, and door handles.
  • Expect to spend more time cleaning elevators, shared workstations, accessories like sneeze guards, and hand-washing stations.
  • Think about disinfectant cleaning for shared common areas, including meeting rooms, reception areas, shared workplaces, and kitchens.
  • Place hand sanitizers, tissues, and extra masks in the front areas of all facilities.

Plan Regular Maintenance

Reduced schedules and shutdowns over the holidays are always a fantastic opportunity to catch up and perform preventative maintenance while fewer people are around. You can ask your commercial cleaning services in NJ to provide you with a facility maintenance package, including dusting, painting, window washing, floor stripping, and other maintenance and repairs.

HVAC Maintenance and Air Quality Inspections

Since the COVID outbreak, we have learned that correctly operating HVAC systems directly affect the propagation of viruses, bacteria, and particles. As a result, all regulatory authorities demand that HVAC systems be kept in good working order, and many of them offer detailed instructions regarding air quality. So, ensure that commercial cleaning services in NJ pay extra attention to your HVAC system.

Things to consider- 

  • Plan maintenance of your HVAC system, which should include filter replacement or cleaning.
  • Schedule air quality tests to reassure customers and tenants that your HVAC system meets or exceeds current ventilation, filtration, and COVID reduction regulations. 
  • It is a good idea to ask about high-efficiency filters and whether they would result in cost savings in addition to increased performance.

Review of Health and Safety

Today, every company has a thorough health and safety plan that must be regularly reviewed to guarantee that employees are safeguarded from accidents and illnesses. The same regulations should be followed when you conduct festive season cleaning in your facility. Here’s what you should include while reviewing the health and safety standards of your company-

  • Are all COVID procedures in place and working properly? Your facility must consider having things like sanitizing stations, socially distant workstations, appropriate signage, etc.
  • All safety control systems are up-to-date and functional. If not, there could be terrible repercussions in the form of a workplace accident.
  • Are the emergency and fire exit clutter-free?
  • Are fire extinguishers up to date, and do your personnel receive training?
  • The greatest method to prevent individuals around you from getting sick is to promote your own health; therefore, use signage to remind renters of this.

Hire the Finest Commercial Cleaning Services-

We recognize the value of coming back to a tidy workplace. So, before your business closes for the holidays, STAR Building Services‘ dependable cleaning service takes the time to ensure everything is in working order.

Even we are occasionally surprised by how much dirt and dust a year brings about! So, during this time of year, our professional cleaning service does more than just the daily cleaner’s normal tidy-up.

If you just realize how fast the festive season is approaching, there is still time to order our expert cleaning service. We are aware of how hectic things may be at this time of year as offices race to finish off before the holiday. We are happy to work past your normal business hours to avoid interruptions. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time, we will accommodate you. So, reset your office and get ready for a new year. Visit our website or call us right now to schedule our expert cleaning service.