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Winter Ready Office: Tips from the Leading Cleaning Company in NJ

Winter is around the corner in New Jersey. So, this guide has been prepared by the leading cleaning company in NJ to assist you in making your office season ready!!

We can already experience the cold breeze touching our faces. Soon, the winter will bring rain in some places and cold snow in others. Despite the long cozy nights in the blankets, mud, damp leaves, and iced roadways are what winter brings. Now the question is, is your office winter ready? Have you done your seasonal cleaning? Is your HVAC system ready to bear the seasonal changes?

If not yet, you might be delayed. The experts of the leading commercial cleaning company in NJ, STAR Building Services, advise you to get your office winter ready ahead of time. Late procedures and mid-season interruptions can affect both time and money, in addition to disturbing your employees. So, here’s how to get your office winter-ready in advance: 

Start with the Deep Cleaning

This is the perfect time to schedule a deep cleaning session and remove dust, pollen, and allergens from your office facility. We advise businesses to perform deep cleaning in their settings at least twice a year, once before summer and another before winter. As deep cleaning is something that requires hard work, dedication, and much effort, outsourcing a professional cleaning company in NJ will help you create a nice, clean and hygienic work environment.

Professional deep cleaners will inspect your entire building, remove stubborn stains, and eliminate embedded grime and dirt from all surfaces. For example, our staff uses advanced cleaning technologies such as high-pressure and top-grade cleaning tools and agents to provide you with a neat and shiny office.

Deep cleaning is done on all surfaces, including walls, furniture, windows, lights, elevators, and every part of your office. Depending on how much traffic your facility receives, other features include deep cleaning carpets and floors, HVAC systems, and areas that are hard to reach. Once the professionals of a cleaning company in NJ are done with the deep cleaning, you’ll not have to put in the same cleaning efforts every day. 

Bring those Heavy Mats in Use

It’s the perfect time to bring out those heavy, cozy mats and place them strategically throughout the office. For example, you can place non-slippery, waterproof mats on your exit points to make your office look cozy and more welcoming. In addition to preventing injuries, these mats will assist you in handling muck, debris, slush, salt, and water.

When the primary mats get too wet, we advise purchasing a backup set to switch out. Consult your cleaning company in NJ about keeping an eye on this and changing the mats as needed.

Invest in Janitorial Services in New Jersey

Winter is the season when you’ll require janitorial services regularly. Janitors are the unsung heroes who are a wise investment for any company. By handling the day-to-day cleaning, janitors manage the responsibility of maintaining a clean workplace.

Floors can easily become ugly and even damaged in the winter due to the additional trouble of snow, slush, and debris tracking in. Janitors can ensure that the floors are regularly swept, preventing damage and accidents.

Most businesses hire janitorial services in New Jersey to visit after business hours after the employees have left for the day. Having janitors by your side ensures that your office is cleaned up daily after your employees leave. Due to the amount of foot traffic the workplace receives, janitors keep up with daily needs and maintain the cleanliness of your office.

If you don’t want to assign in-office janitors, outsourcing the professionals will help you save money in addition to receiving high-quality services.

Inspect the HVAC Filters and Perform Maintenance

Here’s a reminder to double-check your HVAC system filters, even though you undoubtedly have a schedule for doing so. This is also a great time to have these components’ upkeep checked by professionals. By doing this, you can maintain healthy air circulation and good air quality for both visitors and staff.

Scheduling HVAC maintenance also fosters a secure workplace atmosphere that enables staff to continue producing at a high level. Discuss building maintenance with your cleaning company in NJ for assistance with your HVAC issues.

Start using Green Cleaning Products and Supplies

Indoor air quality becomes a bigger issue as the temperature drops and the windows are kept closed. Many cleaning products include dangerous chemicals that can remain in the air and cause headaches, respiratory problems, and other health problems. So, ensure that the cleaning company in NJ you hire uses green cleaning products and supplies to improve air quality and reduce stress.

Knowing what ingredients are in the cleaning supplies can put your mind at ease . Find out what products your cleaning personnel are using, and if they are not currently employing green cleaning techniques, ask them to do so. Aside from the health benefits, this will also support operations and your bottom line.

Last but not Least-Preventive Care is the Key

Winter is also the season of colds and flu, with germs and viruses spreading with more intensity. However, following some precautions can help you protect your office from such dangers. Use the following precautions to shield your staff from the flu and stop the spread of illness:

  • Increase the number of hand sanitizer stations in the office.
  • Encourage workers to remain at home if they are ill.
  • Encourage employees to clean their workspace and frequently used equipment.
  • As a reminder, place hygiene instruction signs throughout the office.

Also, it’s a great idea if you increase the frequency of office disinfection by having a conversation with your cleaning company in NJ. This will help you maintain a safe and healthy office environment.


Getting your office ready for the winter could be difficult, but don’t worry. A reliable and seasoned professional cleaning company in NJ, like STAR Building Services, is always ready to assist you. Depending on your needs, we will create a custom plan for seasonal cleaning at your office. Having years of experience in the industry, all you can expect from us is quality in everything we do. Visit our site to find out how we can assist your company in meeting its cleaning requirements.

Winter office cleaning tips delivered by the professionals of a leading cleaning company in New Jersey. Continue reading to get your office winter ready.

FAQ-Frequently Ask Question for Cleaning Company in NJ

What is the meaning of janitorial services?

A janitorial service works to handle routine cleaning tasks and regularly maintains the cleanliness and upkeep of your workspace. Commercial janitorial services are often scheduled by businesses daily, weekly, or biweekly, depending on their demands.

What is the difference between a cleaner and a janitor?

A cleaner’s only responsibility is to clean a certain area, whereas a janitor’s duties also include upkeep. While janitors could work full-time, cleaners frequently operate on a contract basis.

What are the 4 types of cleaning?

The main 4 types of cleaning are- Residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, janitorial cleaning, Sanitization and disinfection. Our experts offer all these types of cleaning. So get in touch with us to hire our experts and make your building neat and clean.