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Monkeypox Disinfection: Eliminate the Risk of Monkeypox in Your Facility

The effect of COVID-19 is still lingering, and now we are facing another outbreak again. Monkeypox is spreading in different corners of the world. Since early spring, Monkeypox cases have been detected in different areas, making it an emerging national health threat. It is an infectious disease that is similar to smallpox. Although many individuals have heard of Monkeypox, very few are aware of its contagiousness and the significance of disinfecting an area that may have been exposed to and possibly infected by monkeypox. If precautions are not taken in time, it may also have significant adverse impact, just like COVID-19 affected us. So, what are you doing to prevent Monkeypox in your office building? 

Maintaining a clean environment and disinfecting your building is the best approach to eliminating its threat. You must take necessary precautions on time before this contagious disease enters your facility. Let’s understand this a potentially dangerous disease. 

How Easily Spread is Monkeypox?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Monkeypox is a viral zoonotic disease with signs and symptoms like those of people who have already experienced smallpox. Normally found in central and West Africa close to tropical rainforests, Monkeypox has just made its way to the US and is starting to spread there. 

It is challenging to pinpoint the exact contagiousness of monkeypox and how a person would have been exposed because it can spread in several ways. For example, direct contact with an infectious rash or bodily fluids, close physical contact with a person who has the disease, or touching objects that have previously come into contact with an infectious rash or bodily fluids are some of the ways it can be spread. 

The easiest method to avoid Monkeypox and keep your staff and guests as safe as possible is to keep your building clean and disinfected. Utilizing specialized disinfection techniques will aid in limiting the spread of Monkeypox in both commercial settings and private residences. Professionals implement state-of-the-art solutions following the strictest industry standards and adequate safety recommendations.

Why is Disinfection Important? 

Monkeypox symptoms can be quite unpleasant. Fever, severe headaches, swollen lymph nodes, back discomfort, muscle aches, and low energy are typical indications and symptoms. Although Monkeypox is often a self-limiting illness with symptoms lasting two to four weeks, severe instances can happen, and it can be easily transferred by coming into contact with someone or anything with the illness.

If you have monkeypox, the easiest strategy to prevent spreading your illness to others is to isolate yourself at home. Once you feel better, it’s crucial to thoroughly disinfect your residence and any other places you visited while ill to prevent the spread of the illness to others. The risk of spreading the Monkeypox virus to others must be kept to a minimum because it can happen from the moment the first symptoms appear until the scabs have separated and the skin has fully recovered.

Monkeypox Disinfection Service

Where Do You Need Monkeypox Disinfection Services? 

Just like COVID, disinfection procedures are crucial to lowering the risk of Monkeypox virus contamination in places other than healthcare facilities, such as the workplace, offices, schools, gyms, publicly accessible structures, marketplaces, places of business, or restaurants. In these non-healthcare environments, high-touch surfaces such as door and window handles, kitchen and food preparation areas, countertops, bathroom surfaces, toilets and taps, touchscreen devices, computer keyboards, and work surfaces should be designated for priority cleaning. Monkeypox disinfection services clean germs and viruses and reduce the chances of monkeypox spread in facilities. 

Why Rely On Professional Disinfection For Higher Protection? 

The process of disinfection is different from just cleaning the surfaces. You need to use adequate disinfection tools and technology to make your facility germ free. For example, surfaces can be cleaned with alcohol at a 70–90% concentration. Before disinfection, surfaces must be cleansed with water, soap, or a detergent to eliminate grime. All disinfectant solutions should be prepared fresh every day, kept in opaque containers, and kept out of direct sunlight in a covered, well-ventilated environment. Here is where you need professionals to disinfect the facility properly. The professionals come with adequate techniques and expertise to offer a higher level of protection from the disease spread. 

Monkeypox Disinfection services

What Is Our Procedure For Monkeypox Disinfection? 

Sanitation is the first step in our disinfection process aimed at completely eliminating all bacteria and pathogens. Depending on the level of risk, we use different disinfectants with variable strengths and levels of efficiency. For instance, hospitals will employ a considerably higher-grade disinfectant than an office. But if you also care about your facility and want to use the best products, we will meet all your requirements. We ensure to use the most appropriate level of disinfectant for the space we are cleaning. 

Key Elements Of Our Monkeypox Disinfection Service Are- 

  • We only use disinfectants certified by the EPA to have a Monkeypox kill claim. We will provide you with safety data sheets (SDS) to inform you  which products we use to disinfect your building.
  • We believe in using natural products that are safe and secure for your employee’s health. We are wary of “natural” products with antimicrobial claims. For example, we have invested in natural wipes and sprays for a helpful disinfection process.
  • Our professionals have the right knowledge of what the product is intended to kill. Before starting the process, we find out what kinds of bacteria, fungi, and viruses your disinfectant is capable of eliminating according to the manufacturer’s specifications and registered with the EPA. When it comes to the disinfection of COVID-19 and Monkeypox, this is very crucial.
  • We never rush and offer the best possible service. For example, we allow the appropriate amount of time for the disinfectant to remain on surfaces, known as dwell time. Our professionals are trained to eliminate every type of germ or virus from the facility. They know the right techniques and procedures. 

Monkeypox, like other contagious diseases, can be harmful and quickly spread if contaminated areas are not thoroughly cleansed and disinfected. Working with a professional is recommended to prevent such dangerous diseases in your facility. Our professionals are experts in both COVID-19 and Monkeypox disinfection procedures. Get in touch with our team today and eliminate such dangerous diseases from your facility.