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Building Maintenance Services

One-Stop Solution to All Your Building Maintenance Requirements

STAR Building Services is the leading building maintenance company with over 15 years’ of experience and expertise. We offer extensive solutions to all your building requirements keeping it functioning at peak efficiency all year long. We are building maintenance service experts striving to keep every facility in its top condition. What includes in our services? Everything that is required to keep your facility running smoothly. We work to ensure the complete satisfaction of your tenant and residents. 

STAR Building Services: Reduce Downtime and Increase Efficiency 

Having our in-house team hired to monitor and maintain your building will improve its efficiency and help maintain the value of your property. Our expert technicians monitor your building on regular basis to identify and correct any maintenance issues. Contracting with STAR saves you money and time. The best part about hiring our building maintenance company in New Jersey is we are a team of experts ready to solve your building issues. So, whether it’s a painting project or lighting repair, we have the expertise to get the job done on time.

Our Team Has Various Skill Sets- 

We are the best building maintenance service provider for a reason. Hiring us offers you various advantages because we are a team of skilled professionals. Our team can address all your building maintenance needs. Our team specializes in different areas, including:

General Building Maintenance 

Your building needs regular maintenance to look at its best, provide a safe atmosphere, and perform its intended function. Our commercial building maintenance team assess the building regularly to identify problem areas. A worn door knob replacement, lubricating a squeaky hinge, or replacing a damaged floorboard are a few general repairs that need to be regularly addressed. Our commercial building maintenance personnel may also check for burned-out light bulbs, change the air conditioning system’s filters, or swap out a difficult-to-open lock. Our maintenance professionals also follow a predetermined timetable to perform normal maintenance tasks required to maintain your facilities equipment. 

On-Site & Live-In Superintendents Services 

Our building maintenance company in NJ also offers commercial On-site and Live-In superintendent services to best meet your building’s needs. We take pride in having great staff, in-depth training, and cutting-edge machinery to complete tasks correctly and maintain your facility’s peak performance. Our electronic work order solutions provide smooth staff scheduling, assignment, and client contact, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. While superintendents are essential to the appropriate care and preservation of buildings, we also provide specialized building services that can supplement or even completely replace your present superintendent job. Our customized building maintenance service packages can fulfill your needs with unique attention and training provided to each of our areas of expertise, whether your facilities need infrequent maintenance or extensive supervision.

Preventative Maintenance Service

Our professionals offer exceptional preventive building maintenance services. Our services are effective, planned, and scheduled by utilizing real-time data insight. The preventative maintenance procedure is carried out to avoid unplanned breakdowns while the equipment is still functional. Our professionals keep your assets and equipment in good working order, maintain a high degree of employee safety, and assist you in avoiding major and expensive repairs in the future. Our effective preventative maintenance program ensures that your operational hiccups are kept to a minimum.

Why Choose STAR For Your Building Maintenance Services? 

When choosing a partner who can offer commercial building maintenance services that can be you one-stop solution for all your building needs, we ought to be your “first choice.” Here are some exceptional reasons to choose us-

  • Maintenance personnel with extensive experience
  • Commitment to providing customer satisfaction
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Willing to go above and beyond to deliver an excellent service
  • Competitive pricing

We are pleased to hold memberships in several organizations that illustrate our dedication to excellence. Our building maintenance company in NJ is a team of specialists who provide solutions of the highest caliber and adhere to all health and safety rules. In addition, because we are committed to providing the best possible quality, our services will actually improve your property. Whether you have a single property or a large portfolio, we are the right investment for your most important assets. With a strong reputation for setting industry-leading standards that place us among the top building maintenance companies in New Jersey, we are the ideal choice for commercial building maintenance services.

We offer a novel approach to maintenance that will increase the real value and lower the total cost of owning your property. We have no hidden fees, fixed-price call-out rates, and first-rate service everywhere. With complete peace of mind knowing that your assets are in the capable hands of a building maintenance firm, we will help maintain and enhance your property’s value, and you will enjoy a seamless experience. So, get in touch with us now!