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Why Is Summer The Perfect Season To Deep Clean Commercial Buildings?

Keeping your commercial building clean and well-maintained is vital for the benefit of both employees and customers. Daily and weekly cleanings are essential, but a deep clean of your office space is also crucial. Summer is the perfect time to do period cleanings such as carpet cleaning, machine scrubbing of bathroom floors, stripping and waxing of VCT floors, window cleaning and power washing.

Keeping an office clean and tidy enhances productivity and concentration while lowering absenteeism and stress. Also, you’ll want to put your best foot forward while dealing with customers. When visitors arrive through your front door, cleanliness is the first thing they will observe. So, don’t overlook the importance of making a good first impression. It also helps with your tenant renewals and the closing of prospective tenants.  However, when is the best time to deep clean your office?

Summer: the right time to deep clean a commercial building

Of course, summer! Summer is the season of joy and fun. It’s the time of the year when many families take vacations. So, in the summer, it’s likely that both your staff and customers will take time off to travel. And that’s the perfect time you can utilize to spruce up your entire office building. So, let’s discuss in more detail why summer is a perfect season for your building’s deep cleaning!

It’s the halftime of the year

Since summer is the year’s halftime, it’s naturally the best time to arrange activities like deep cleaning. It’s because janitorial professionals recommend deep cleaning your commercial building at least twice a year. And summer falls in the middle of the calendar year. In addition, cleaning in summer is relatively easier than in winter. The weather will be pleasant, and the daylight hours are longer.

The summer season offers an open and clean environment, and your cleaners can do their jobs in a better way. They will dust desks, cabinets, windowsills, furniture, baseboards, overhead vents, and mini blinds. In addition, they’ll also clean garbage cans and lids, glass doors, mirrors, and interior windows. Ensure that the cleaning professionals also disinfect high-touch surfaces such as keyboards, mouse, phones, light switches, and doorknobs.

Their deep cleaning will also include cleaning your carpets. They will make your floors and tiles spotless. Timely deep cleaning and maintaining your flooring will help extend the life of your floors and keep them looking new for a longer time. It is recommended to deep clean the tiles and carpet twice a year and hardwoods once a year. Cleaning your office thoroughly in the summer and then again during the holidays is a terrific method to keep it in good condition.

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It’s the time of season for less foot traffic

As business owners, we want to create a welcoming environment that entices customers to return. There are instances when your customers or clients visit your office building, and if it’s not clean, what impression would it deliver on them? Keeping your offices and facilities clean demonstrates to your clients that you appreciate their presence. It’s always great to go above and beyond to give them the greatest possible experience.

You’ll probably have less foot traffic in your office during the summer because many clients are on vacation. So, it’s when you can take advantage of their absence. No one would like to sit in a building where cleaners are dusting, and vacuum cleaners are making noises. So, it’s better to deep clean your commercial building when the visitors are least expected.

You may save time and money by completing deep cleaning services during the vacation season. So, when your customers visit your office again, it will be clean and tidy to offer them a welcoming environment. Another reason to schedule deep cleanings in the summer is that it is more convenient for everyone.

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It’s the time of season for employee vacation

Summer is a great time to schedule a deep cleaning because you’ll have fewer employees in the office owing to increased travel and family holidays. So, when you hire building janitorial services to deep clean your office, there would be less disruption. It will be beneficial in both ways. Your daily business activities won’t be affected much, and the professionals can clean the whole building efficiently.

To begin, develop a list of the cleaning  tasks that need to be accomplished. Then prioritize those cleaning activities that will most influence your employees. Then you may compare this list to your employees’ vacation dates. It will help you understand whether you can finish the deep cleaning project during the weeks when most people are out of the office.

For example, many offices are unusually quiet at the end of June and the beginning of July. Then, to schedule your building’s deep cleaning, contact professional building janitorial service providers. Many businesses will have the same strategy in mind because summer is a perfect time for these types of cleanings. Make sure to be ahead of time so you can arrange deep cleaning according to your favorable schedule.

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