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Building Disinfection / COVID-19 Decontamination

Building Disinfection Services

STAR Building Services is the team of specialists keeping your facilities safe from germs and viruses.

Since the epidemic spread across the world, creating and maintaining a sanitary environment for both your customers and employees has been essential. Running a business and taking all the necessary precautions to maintain a clean workplace can seem like a difficult balancing act. That’s why we offer extensive building disinfection services to help you in maintaining a hygienic workplace so that you can concentrate on what’s important to make your firm successful. 

Focus on High Touch Point Areas

Use of Electrostatic technology for the best protection

Products EPA Certified to kill Human Coronavirus

How Electrostatic Sprayers Works

What Are Our Building Disinfection Services? 

The activities we do and the products we use to disinfect your building comes under our disinfection services. According to CDC recommendations, our professionals, who have received professional training, disinfect your buildings. Our team employs various techniques and cleaning agents to guarantee clean surfaces that limit the transmission of bacteria and viruses.

Our team in charge of building disinfection services comes with years of experience as well as a specialized understanding of how to clean to eliminate the spread of infectious diseases. Let’s look at the four reasons you should consider when seeking our building disinfection service right away. 

Hiring Us Is Simple and Convenient

One of the main advantages of hiring our building disinfection services is that our professionals won’t interfere with your company’s operations. Disinfecting your office building during work hours will be inconvenient for you. Our reliable building disinfection services will operate around your regular business hours to maintain the efficiency and security of your operations. Our disinfection professionals work smoothly with your personnel to ensure a safe atmosphere for employees and customers, whether you want a thorough clean after hours or frequent disinfection during the workday.

We create custom plans according to your preferences 

No guesswork is involved when we offer our building disinfection services to you. Before getting started with the work, our professionals believe in delivering the quote to meet all your expectations. Depending on the facility you have, our experts use different approaches. Our professionals work meticulously on your building’s most used areas, including light switches, door handles, and bathroom fixtures. When it comes to disinfection, there is nothing to compromise with. So, let our professionals use the appropriate equipment to assist you in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your business.

We have the best disinfection tools 

The greatest building disinfection services begin with selecting the appropriate products and tools for the job. We take pride in saying that we use the industry’s best disinfection products to ensure the safety of you and your employee. Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly disinfectants. In addition, we use natural products to keep your employees safe from allergies. In particular, with surfaces with plenty of touch points, our experts employ these disinfectants to fight the present pandemic and get the greatest results. If the security of your staff and clients is a top concern, our company must be your priority for disinfection services. 

building disinfection services

COVID 19 Decontamination Services

Our COVID Decontamination services eliminate germs from facilities 

We all continue being impacted by the coronavirus and other fatal viruses. Thus, steps must be made to assist and stop the spread, and keep people safe. Specialist COVID Decontamination Services are required in offices to disinfect surfaces and guard against COVID. Our team possesses the specialized knowledge and expertise required to assist in counteracting this danger. Our specialized experts can provide complete COVID decontamination services and ongoing safety against the spread of coronavirus. Our team strives to provide a safe environment with the most cutting-edge disinfection technology. Our professional COVID decontamination services offer long-lasting safety in your office, facility, and worksite, in addition to routine cleaning procedures. 

Get in touch with us soon if the COVID-19 coronavirus has been discovered on your property so that we can provide you with advice on the best course of action to take to stop the sickness from spreading. We advise routine comprehensive COVID decontamination services to reduce the virus’s threats. 

How we prepare for decontamination 

Our team will show up at the location as per your directions. They will have received a security clearance and the best training available. Our employees will always conduct themselves with discretion and respect while performing tasks in or close to public areas. The team leader will inspect and set up disinfection tools following industry standards and will post warning signs close to the area that has to be cleaned. To be precise and open about what we’re doing, we’ll make sure to complete risk assessments and method descriptions.

We use advanced cleaning tools and techniques

We strictly adhere to health and safety regulations for all coronavirus cleaning procedures, including color-coding, specialized equipment, protective clothing, fluid usage, and disinfection techniques as needed. All clearly contaminated items, such as those covered in bodily fluids, as well as all potentially contaminated high-contact areas, such as toilets, door handles, and phones, shall be carefully cleansed before properly disinfected, following accepted safety guidelines.

Why hire our COVID Decontamination Services? 

Most likely, COVID spreads from person to person. The risk of contracting it through touching a contaminated surface is frequently disregarded. One may become exposed to the pathogen that causes COVID if they touch a surface or object contaminated with it and then touch their own eyes, nose, or mouth. The propagation is made much more likely by the virus’ ability to remain detectable on materials like plastic and stainless steel for two to three days. Because of this, preventing viruses through decontamination is a crucial step in preparing your company to welcome customers again.

When to hire our COVID Decontamination Services? 

Every season, you should conduct routine cleaning and decontamination of your structure. The significance of the decontamination process for employees’ health and safety must be made clear to them. Throughout the year, different viruses and bacteria might spread. That’s why we offer a year-round whole building disinfection service.

Offices and businesses who desire to lower their risk of infection  further will find a safe solution in our routinely COVID Decontamination Services. Targeting organisms and selecting a disinfectant to neutralize them is important because different infections might be more abundant at different times of the year. We can make entire building decontamination an efficient, year-round operation by sanitizing your structure for various target pathogens and germs throughout the seasons.